Solar installation services

Your trusted solar installer for the past 15 years (established in 2008)

Solar power (inverter, batteries, solar panels) installation

This is a great step towards partial or full independence from Eskom and loadshedding. 


  1. You provide us with how many electricity units you used in the past 12 months (that is to determine the peak usage and manage expectations) – if available;
  2. We provide you with a quote (based on the system we designed)
  3. Together we adapt the quote/system so that it reaches the perfect balance between your electricity demand and budget
  4.  We then order the system and start the application process at your municipality or Eskom
  5. As we have the knowledge and expertise, we can move and re-install your solar geyser system as well as the pool heating panels when they are at the spot where the Solar panels for the inverter and batteries should be installed. No extra contractors required.
Solar panel installation in Somserset West Helderberg
An 8kva hibrid Sunsynk inverter installed with 4 Hubble Batteries in Franschhoek

Solar geyser installation

There are two types of solar  heating for geysers depending on the type of panels being used.

Panels where the heat from the sun heats the water while the water is circulating through the panels and the geyser;

Photovoltaic panels that generate electricity and heat the geyser water via the element.

When is the best time to install a solar geyser?  When the frustration of load shedding is resulting in cold showers all the time and the second best time is when you have a burst geyser – ask the insurance to pay the money into your bank account and use the money to contribute towards the solar geyser installation. The geyser is one of the most energy hungry appliances in your house.

Solar geyser installation

Heat pump installation for geysers and pools

We install heat pumps for both geysers and swimming pools.

Heat pump for water heating for geysers and swimming pools

Solar swimming pool heating installation

Solar pool heating makes perfect sense as the sun warms the pool with at least 10degrees C and therefore it extends the swim season.  Summer is now much longer, this is fun in the sun!!

Solar heated swimming pool in Stellenbosch
A father with his 2 sons having fun in a heated swimming pool
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