Solar Power from the sun just for you

photovoltaic panels

The sun's amazing energy helps us towards electricity independence.

Solar Juice is based in Somerset West, South Africa and we install solar systems in Helderberg and surrounding towns such as  Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, etc. since 2008. 

Helping you towards greater independence from Eskom and load shedding is important to us as we can install your solar panels to generate your own electricity, your batteries to store the generated energy and heat your geyser and pool heating with solar or heat pumps. Giving you peace of mind and help you forget about load shedding. 

In 2008 there were only a few solar companies in our area and today, with all the load shedding, even banks and international companies are competing for the chance to install your solar.  This must be so overwhelming to find the right company to do your installation. Let’s try and help you from our side.

Why choose Solar Juice?

An installer you know by name

Someone whom you can contact in future regarding your system.

We do our own installations

We don’t sub-contract to other contractors. We’ll therefore be available to best support your system in future as we know your system.

Quality installations

 We choose quality over quantity as we take pride in our work and in the value that our clients receive.

We handle the municipal/Eskom registration

You can relax while the municipal/Eskom application process for your photovoltaic system (inverter, panels…) is being taken care of.

One stop solar

As we install inverters/batteries/solar geysers and solar pool heating, we can design the best utilisation of your roof for this. We provide relevant COC’s

Qualified & registered

As electrician at the Department of Labour 

Registered at *PIRB for the installation of : Solar geyser systems & Heat pumps.

Don't waste energy

When the sun is shining, your backup batteries are full and the solar panels produce more than your household uses, then you can switch your geyser on for your loved ones from anywhere in the world. 

15 years and counting

Solar Juice has been established in 2008 and has been serving our clients for 15 years.


We respect our customer’s home by working as neat as possible, we clean our work area before we leave and we keep the noise down as much as possible.

An overview of our installation services

We install your:

Solar Power system

Power your home - click for more info

Solar Pool heating

Let the sun heat your pool - click for more info

Solar geyser

Let the sun heat your water - click for more info

Heat pump

To heat your geyser or pool - click for more info

Recent projects
Customer reviews
Significant rewiring was required in our home to separate the essential and non-essential circuits. The installation of the inverter, batteries and solar panels were done professionally, resulting in an extremely neat and fully functional system. The system has worked faultlessly since installation (6 months now). I can recommend Solar Juice SA wholeheartedly
Photovoltaic system installation review
Somerset West
What an absolute pleasure from start to finish! Personal and professional service, informed and well researched advice and suggestions for reliable and trustworthy solar product solutions.
Solar service review by Christine
Christine Moller
I received excellent service from the Solar Juice team. Professional and clean job. All members are very friendly. Would recommend anytime.
Somerset West

How amazing will it be to:

kids, games, happiness-4942879.jpg

generate your own electricity?

use your own stored electricity?

let the sun heat your geyser water?

LET THE SUN HEAT YOUR swimming pool?

manage your solar system & geyser via wifi?

... from anywhere in the world - ask us how.

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