Province: Western Cape – Smart living via renewable energy

We, at Solar Juice install:

– solar energy/power/electricity/photo-voltaic systems….. more info

– solar geyser systems (high & low pressure) + retrofit of existing geysers…. more info

– heat pumps ….more info

– swimming pool heating (solar or heat pumps)  ….. more info

– solar (photovoltaic) swimming pool pumps (solar pool pump with 4 photovoltaic panels on the roof) ….more info

The benefit for you:

  1. We welcome your call or email ;
  2. Free on-site consultation for the greater Cape Town and surrounding areas (kindly ask us if unsure);
  3. Rust-free solar geyser ideal for hard-water conditions;
  4. We help you lower your electricity consumption (& bill) with one step;
  5. Lower your carbon footprint*
  6. Recreation: extend ‘swim season’ on your swimming pool (heating via solar or heat pump)
  7. Quality service and products (we did our first training at a German company);
  8. Local high quality products (ensures continued service in future);
  9. Warrantee on geysers and water heating panels covered by producers.

Your installation is important to us and we want you to be proud of your investment.  We take pride in our work/services.  Most of our work comes from references of satisfied customers (by word of mouth).  It is therefore of utmost importance for us to deliver the best service possible.

Invitation: Kindly contact us or send us a quote request via this link

One step which lowers your electricity bill and your carbon footprint

By switching your electrical geyser to solar, you lower both your electricity bill and your carbon footprint!

Do you have a burst electrical geyser?

Make use of the payment from your insurance into your bank account  – this is the ideal time to switch your geyser to solar.

Step 1: Contact Solar Juice to visit your house for a free onsite visit and to provide you with a replacement quote which you submit to your insurance – please remember to notify them that you are switching to solar and that they must provide you with the money and not replace your electrical geyser.

Step 2: At the same time as step 1, we provide you with a solar geyser system installation quote.  Please note: It is your choice which installer you use.

Step 3: When you are ready and satisfied with our quote, kindly let us know and we contact you and arrange an installation date.

If your insurance already replaced your geyser, then we can make the following suggestion:

  • Keep your new geyser and we retrofit the geyser (connect it with solar panels, etc.).
  • Action: Kindly contact us or send us a quote request via this link

Last update: March 2016