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Installing a solar geyser system for Fred tree services in Somerset West

Installing a solar geyser system for Fred’s tree services in Somerset West has been a highlight for us.  We like to share our experiences when installing solar for other businesses and also to share information about the service provided by these businesses. The mutual interest is caring for the environment and taking the necessary steps towards a healthier environment.  

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Today, we share information about Fred’s tree services.

Fred Lewis (also known as Dr Tree) is no stranger to heights and shows his satisfaction after inspecting his newly installed solar water heating system with the Helderberg Mountain forming a beautiful background.

Installing a solar geyser system for Fred tree services in Somerset West

About Fred and Fred’s Tree Services:

Fred is well-known for his compassion and work with trees under his company name:  Fred’s Tree Services.  They specialise in the pruning, felling and chipping of trees.  Fred is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture and boasts with German qualifications.

Fred has registered various trees as national monuments in order to save the beautiful trees from being cut down.  That is a brilliant showcase of his commitment towards the environment and also with this step to move from a coal-based water heating solution to a solar based heating solution.

This solar water heating system is a natural flow (thermo siphon) system, where the geyser is located higher than the panel.  The investment in a solar water heater (geyser) system is one of the best investments, since you save considerably on your monthly electricity bill and it reduces pollution.  Electricity load shedding won’t bother Fred after a long day at work, he will be able to relax with a hot shower.

You can contact Fred at Fred’s Tree Services at Cell: 083-264-5442 or landline: 021-851-0497.

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