Somerset West couple switches to solar power (PV/Photovoltaic)

This Somerset West Couple switches to solar power with both geyser and household electricity.  Our client has an extensive electrical background and was very specific on the results he wanted to see post-installation while quality and neatness are very important to him and his wife during and after the installation and we gladly agree to this as this is how we work.

Step 1: 

As the electrical geyser is the most energy “hungry” appliance in a household, contributing between 39% to 60% towards the electricity bill, the geyser was first converted to solar by the client a few years ago before we met.  This action is not a pre-requisite for the PV (solar power) installation but it is an excellent strategic move.  The replacement of those electrical appliances e.g. lights, fridges, freezers, televisions, etc. which are not energy efficient with high energy-efficient appliances will also make a big difference.

Step 2:  

As Somerset West falls within the City of Cape Town boundaries, we first had to apply to get approval for the installation of a Grid-tied non-feed-in *PV system (based on the requirements of our client).

*PV (Photovoltaic) where you use solar panels to generate electricity.

City of Cape Town residents: For more information, visit

Step 3:  

The installation … Couple switches to solar power

The following were installed:

    • 12 x 325 Watt Solar panels

      Solar PV panels

      12 Solar PV panels

    • A Goodwe 4.6 KW inverter

      Goodwe inverter

      Goodwe inverter

    • 2 x 2.4 KWH Li-Ion batteries


    • This system is ideal for lowering your monthly electricity bill & Eskom dependency;
    • It is ideal for load shedding where your essential electrical appliances, e.g. fridge, freezer, TV, computer, lights will use energy from the solar panels during the day and from the batteries at night time until Eskom is back online;
    • During normal operation with no load shedding the inverter feeds the essential and non-essential loads which reduce your monthly electricity bill considerably.

NE = Non-essential;    ES = Essential


With the PV Master app on his phone the client can monitor:

    • the state of the batteries;
    • the solar energy supporting the essential and non-essential loads;
    • the performance of the solar system;
    • and reduce operation and maintenance costs with fast diagnostics.
PV Master

PV Master

Step 4:

    • Sign-off by:
      • electrician,
      • electrical engineer and
      • finally acceptance and registration by the City of Cape Town/relevant municipality 


Feedback from our client: 

Our client is already seeing a big difference in their electricity consumption where their consumption dropped from 74 units per week to 17 units in the first week after installation.  They are looking forward to their municipal bill to see what their savings would be so far.

When asked how they experienced their first load shedding, we got the response “What load shedding?”  That is the spirit!!

I wonder if they are ‘secretly’ looking forward to more Eskom load sheddings to experience their new independence?  😉

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