Solar geyser in Bloubergstrand and kite surfers

Our biggest joy is when a customer, for whom we installed a solar geyser system in the past,
contacts us again to install another.

We did the first solar geyser installation for our client in Onrus about 4 years ago and again in January 2016 at Blouberg Strand.  It shows that it is important to deliver the best service every time.

Our client was very clear about certain specifications:

  1. The solar geyser system must not be visible from any side of the house,
  2. The system must be thermosiphon (it means that the geyser must be located higher than the panels and that the flow between the geyser and the panels must be natural and not require a pump),
  3. It must be a 200 liter system to accommodate their hot water needs.

We discussed the solar geyser installation options with our client and mutually agreed on the following:

The best place for the solar geyser system would be on the roof.  Since it is a flat roof, we fitted brackets for the geyser so that it can be located higher than the panels.  The correct angle towards the sun was decided on for optimum transfer of heat to the water in the solar panels.

With their new home still in the building process it was easy to install the timer in the garage.  We had special access to the roof as provided by the builder.  This means the client get access to system settings and can check what the temperature of the water in the geyser is.  He/she can also adjust the heating and thermostat settings based on their changing needs (summer vs winter and when guests arrives which will increase their hot water needs).

It is standard procedure for us to explain to clients how the timer device works and how to change the settings. We provide the home owner with an easy to read manual (which can also be located on-line if the booklet gets filed in file 13).


All the solar system pipes are well insulated and this geyser is one of the best insulated solar geysers available as well as the solar panels with insulation material at the back.

Support locally produced products solar geysers and panels:

Both the solar geyser and solar panels are produced locally in the Western Cape.  This ensures excellent support from the producers; local job creation, a low (transport) carbon footprint and keep the flow of money within the Western Cape.

…..much to our surprise we saw quite a lot of kite surfers in action. 

We later found out about the South African dream to break the Guinness World record. The previous record was held by Spain where 353 participants participated.  These kite surfers in the picture were preparing for the event on 30th January 2016.  They would be part of the hundreds of local and international kite surfers gathered to complete the 2.7 kilometer stretch from Dolphin Beach to Doodles Beachfront in Blouberg Strand.

It is for a good cause as kite surfers participating in the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada events have previously (before 2016) raised over 3 million for charity.

Kitesurfing is still a new sport in South Africa. The windy beach conditions along the coast have led to a gradual growth of the sport in the region and South Africa is seen as one of the best kitesurfing destinations in the world.

South Africa secured the 2016 Kitesurfing Guinness World record:

The South African attempt was successful in breaking the Guinness World record on 30 January 2016 and secured the number of 415 kite surfers successfully crossing the finish line.

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