Solar (PV) swimming pool pump

A solar (PV) swimming pool pump requires no electricity!!

Solar pump working hours during summer:

With the hours of sun we are blessed with, it means that the Kreepy Krauly (automatic pool cleaner) and solar pool heating can now work all the time during daylight. This is also the time when the pool gets a lot of sun and this means that the algae grow quicker and the pool cleaner works longer hours.  With an electrical pool pump, one tends to be conservative with the amount of hours it works due to the cost of electricity, but with a solar pool pump, it can work the whole day with the PV panels delivering the required energy.

At this stage (Feb) our own solar swimming pool pump works from 9am (when the sun reaches the PV panels) until the sun sets (just after 18pm).

By having pool heating, this also means that our swimming season gets extended.   Previously our electrical pump only worked for 5 hours during summer.  Now we are putting 9 hours of sun energy into the pool which increases our pool temperature and lengthen the usage time, as we are getting nearer to autumn.

A quote from one of our clients (Fred White) when we informed him about our new service:

“I’ve been wondering why no one installs dedicated swimming pool solar solutions, since it makes perfect sense: The need for chlorination and filtration is directly proportional to the amount of sunshine, which is also the case for the energy supplied by solar systems – this is a perfect match between supply and demand.”

It is amazing when our clients are ready and waiting for us to generate new opportunities.

Main components of the Solar (PV) swimming pool pump system:

  • 4 x 200 Watt PV panels

These 4 PV panels form part of the solar (PV) swimming pool pump system

  • 1 x Solar (PV) swimming pool pump

Solar (PV) swimming pool pump

Solar (PV) swimming pool pump next to old existing sand filter

Kreepy Krauly working during partially clouded weather due to PV solar swimming pool pump system

The pool cleaner working during partially clouded weather with the energy from the sun (no electricity required).

 Benefits of switching from an electrical to a solar powered pool pump:

– Independence from electricity supply;

– No batteries required;

– The solar pump works the whole day during the summer months when algae grow quicker and less during winter months when algae growth is slower;

– Saving electricity;

-Pool heating works more effective (longer periods) and this extends your swimming season;

-The system also works during cloudy weather (see picture above).

Limitations of the current solar (PV) swimming pool pump:

– We only have the 0.75kWh pump system available at this stage (if your pool heating is located on a double storey house, you need a stronger pool pump).