We service systems (solar geysers; heat pumps; pool heating) to ensure optimum performance.

The service of solar geyser systems

Our work includes:

  • Check if geyser and solar panel(s) are still working correctly.  If we find problems and it is still under guarantee, then the suppliers are contacted. If outside guarantee period, we’ll quote on repairs where possible;
  • Clean the surface of the solar panel (for more efficiency);
  • Flush the solar panel to drain possible build-up of mineral and other deposits;
  • Check and reseal where pipes enter the roof;
  • Check that the element is working correctly and that the timer is set correctly.
  • Explain the settings of the timer if needed (clients may want to alter the settings for winter and summer months or for when they have guests).

Our work excludes: (can be included after discussion with solar geyser owner)

  • Replacement of lagging around the pipes (as you know lagging helps to prevent heat loss).  If the lagging needs to be replaced, we'll contact you while on site and discuss.
  • Any extra work to be done (we’ll contact you when on site and discuss).

Time at your house:  60+ minutes

Service cost for 2018:  R950 (incl VAT). Travel cost may be applicable for areas far from us - kindly ask us.

The service of Heat pumps

We service most "Heat pump" brands.

A new ITS heat pump needs to be serviced annually to maintain the supplier warranty on the system.  We did the training at ITS and we follow the set guidelines as well as register your heat pump's service at their office.

Time at your house: ± 2 hours.

Service cost for 2018: R1450 to R1 950+ (incl. VAT). The cost is depending on the complexity of the service as well as transport if we have to travel quite a distance.

The service of pool heating

Solar pool heating:

We can check if your pool heating connections & solar panels are still intact and replace if the system allows and if stock is available.

We also service the pool heating heat pumps.