Geyserwise manuals


The geyserwise manuals and videos can help you to understand your Geyserwise timer device.

The geyserwise manuals are easy to use and provide valuable information when you want to change the settings (timeslots for using Eskom power) or to change the maximum temperature for the geyser water.

When an error code appears on your device:

Have a look at the back of the geyserwise manual for the corresponding error code and you will see possible reasons for the error. This will help us to assist in order to come prepared or maybe offer some solutions you can try before our technician is called out to your home.


Video 1: To set the Maximum Temperature settings on the Geyserwise timer


Video 2: To set the time slots for when the timer must use Eskom power to heat the geyser water.



Manual 1: Geyserwise TSE (installed for thermosiphon solar geyser systems). Starts at page 11


Manual 2: Geyserwise MAX manual (installed for solar geyser systems + pump).  Starts at page 37

GeyserWiseMax manual