A myth? Saving with solar water heating or heat pump

A myth? Saving with solar water heating or heat pump

Air polution vs clean energy solutions

It is believed that the earth receives more energy each hour from the sun than the world can use in a full year. In spite of this, South Africa generates 77% or more of our electricity by burning millions of tonnes of coal each year …. imagine the pollution effect on our natural resources: air, water, soil and ……the resultant health effect!!

Solar power is one of the most effective renewable energy sources available. By implementing it in water heating, we can target one of the most electricity hungry household appliances for maximum power saving effect.

Your electric geyser contributes between 39 and 50 percent towards your household’s electricity bill (depending on your hot water consumption).

Scenario 1: One SA household

What is the potential impact if one household replaces their conventional 200 liter geyser with a solar geyser system (or retrofit the geyser with solar)?

A conservative view from Eskom shows that the saving potential of a solar water heater could be 4.5 kWh (electricity) per day. This means that in one year, a household’s solar geyser can save them between 39% and 50% on their electricity bill, but also add the environmental savings of:
– 2,07 kiloliter of water
– 1000 kg of coal
which would otherwise have been used to generate this amount of electricity (by burning coal).
It also means that 4.5 tonnes of harmful CO₂ is not released into the air.

A saving of a potential 4.5kWh per day for 30 days would be an equivalent of a swimming pool pump (0.75kWh) running for 6 hours per day for 30 days.

Scenario 2: 100 SA households

Imagine the effect if only 100 households do this in South Africa:
– 207 kl of water saved;
– 100,000 kg of coal saved and
– 450 tonnes of CO₂ not released into the air.

Scenario 3: One million SA households

If only a million households in South Africa do this:
– 2 million kl of water saved;
– 1000 million kg of coal not burned every year
– 4.5 million tonnes of harmful CO₂ is not released into the air

Should this not be displayed on the bill boards in our country??

This shows that every household’s brave step to switch to solar water heating have a big impact and collectively it makes a difference which we can really post on the bill boards in our country!!

Many proud owners of a solar water heating system are able to switch the electricity backup off during summer months and only use solar. This increases their saving potential so much more.

What about a Heat pump?

The heat pump also has a good motivation in the sense that it uses 1/3 electricity and saves you 2/3 electricity navigate to this site. The rebate on the heat pump system came to an end in January 2014, but the saving on electricity consumption and the environmental impact makes it worth your while. We find the heat pumps especially effective for houses with thatched roofs, guesthouses & businesses with a constant high hot water demand as well as for flats with no roof access.

We don’t have to use less energy, just burn less coal

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Article written by Hannetjie Needham, Date: 3 May 2014