Solar geyser installation Somerset West

A new client contacted us to do a Solar geyser installation in Somerset West. This is in the Rome Glen area for a separate section of their house.  We also *serviced their existing solar geyser system. Our client indicated the exact positions where he wanted the solar panel and geyser to be installed.  He definitely did his homework to get the optimal benefit from the sun.

Solar geyser installation in Somerset West

Beautiful indigenous garden at our solar geyser installation site

Solar geyser installation Somerset West

Installation of a thermosiphon system

We installed this solar geyser system as a thermosiphon system.  A thermosyphon system is when the geyser is installed higher than the solar panel and therefore ensures natural water flow.  (The system doesn’t need a pump to circulate the hot water from the panel to the geyser).  A thermosiphon system requires the lowest maintenance of all the systems – we advise our clients to contact us after 4 to 5 years to service the system.

We definitely cherish the view from this indigenous garden in Rome Glen.

This family has an indigenous garden and all their household’s hot water needs are met by the installation of solar water heaters (geysers).  This combined action ensures low electricity consumption as well as low water consumption (indigenous gardens requires little extra water).  These actions ensures savings on both water and electricity bills.

Solar geyser installation in Somerset West

Our view during the solar geyser installation.

Solar geyser installation in Somerset West

Solar panel for solar water heating system


Solar geyser installation in Somerset West

Indigenous garden at solar geyser installation site

 *More about he service of an existing solar geyser system:

Our work includes:

  • Check if geyser and solar panel(s) are still working correctly.  If we find problems and it is still under guarantee, then the suppliers are contacted. If outside guarantee period, we’ll quote on repairs where possible;
  • Clean the surface of the solar panel (for more efficiency);
  • Flush the solar panel to drain possible build-up of mineral and other deposits;
  • Check and reseal where pipes enter the roof;
  • Check that the element is working correctly and that the timer is set correctly.
  • Explain the settings of the timer if needed (clients may want to alter the settings for winter and summer months or for when they have guests).

Work excludes: (can be included after discussion with solar geyser owner)

  • Replacement of lagging around the pipes (as you know lagging helps to prevent heat loss).  If the lagging needs to be replaced, we’ll contact you while on site and discuss.
  • Any extra work to be done (we’ll contact you when on site and discuss).

Time at your house:  60+ minutes

Cost:  Somerset West area: R750 (incl VAT) for 2016.

Solar Juice services include the installation of:

As well as the following services:

  • Service of existing systems (solar geyser, ITS heat pumps, pool heating) ….…. more info
  • Adapt the settings on your geyserwise controller & also show you how to do to it yourself ….

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