Q: Which areas does Solar Juice service?

Our service area includes Cape Town and surrounds, i.e.  Stellenbosch, Malmesbury, Moorreesburg, Worcester, Robertson, Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay, Betty’s Bay, Villiersdorp,  Hermanus, Paarl, Wellington and many other parts of the Western Cape.  You are most welcome to contact us.

Q: Is the ESKOM rebate still available?

NO:  Eskom’s rebate for water heating came to an end during April 2015.

Q: Is it worth installing a solar geyser during winter?

The electrical geyser is the most energy (read electricity) hungry device in your home.  It contributes 40%+ to your electricity consumption.  On a sunny winters’ day, the sun can heat your geyser water from below 10 degrees C up to 45 degrees C or more.  Your electricity backup will then allow your geyser water to be heated to 50 / 55 or 60 degrees C (depending on your system settings).

Q:  Can I combine the pool heating and geyser heating function into one system?

No, not with the systems we are using (which qualifies for the Eskom rebate).

German systems are available with double jacketed geysers with the inner tank servicing the hot water needs of the home, and the outer tank which (with a heat exchange process) heating up the pool.  As you can think, this option will be more costly, with great losses in energy, because you will heat up water on cold and rainy days for both the pool and home-use.

Q: Should I switch my solar pool heating system off on those very hot summer days?

The solar pool heating systems have been designed to heat the pool water optimally, but at the same time it uses the colder pool water to cool the heated pipes down.  The water needs to be circulated through the panels on very hot days, otherwise your panels may be damaged.  In short: The water in the thin panel tubes has to be circulated in order to cool the header pipes and prevent them from melting, especially on very hot summer days.