BURST GEYSER? Steps to follow.

10 December 2016

We understand that it is a crisis struggling with a burst geyser and cold showers.  The good news is that this is the perfect opportunity for you to upgrade to a solar water heater. Here’s how: BURST GEYSER? Steps to follow Step 1: Contact us at Solar Juice (C:083 384 3840) We’ll visit you and…

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24 September 2015

Many of our clients are now ready for their pool heating installation to extend their swim season. This solar pool heating installation has just been done in Franschhoek. This town is probably one of the favourite places to work or stay or to visit as a tourist – especially during this time of year when…

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Installing a solar geyser system for Fred tree services in Somerset West

8 November 2014

Installing a solar geyser system for Fred’s tree services in Somerset West has been a highlight for us.  We like to share our experiences when installing solar for other businesses and also to share information about the service provided by these businesses. The mutual interest is caring for the environment and taking the necessary steps…

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Nice weather, cold pool water!? Heating your swimming pool – how does it work?

13 September 2014

The cold water from your swimming pool is pumped through the solar pool heating panels which are installed on the roof of your house (on the north facing side of the roof). The heated water from the panels is redirected through a closing valve back into the existing piping leading back to your pool. The…

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Bring summer ‘forward’ at the swimming pool

9 October 2013

Solar swimming pool heating at Franschhoek

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