About Solar Juice

Solar Juice would love to help you make the most of the sun’s amazing energy. Solar Juice installs solar geysers/panels, heat pumps (for geysers & pools) and solar swimming pool heating systems as well as solar swimming pool pumps in the Western Cape (free quotation).  Solar Juice has been operational since 2008 and we are confident and proud that we, together with our clients, make a positive difference.


Our mission is to deliver a service which benefits the client as well as the environment. For the client it means a capital investment as well as using less electricity and lowering the owner and family’s carbon footprint. For the environment it means less pressure on the utilisation of coal for electricity generation.

Service area = Western Cape

Solar Juice makes use of modern technology, i.e. the internet and Facebook for our global presence and GPS to locate our clients for on-site quotation / information session, we therefore save the money otherwise spend on office space to give through as savings to our clients.

Type of service:

  1. Installation of Solar geyser/panels
    • High Pressure geyser systems (with geyser either on the roof or inside the roof)
    • Retrofit for 150 L and 200 L geysers
    • Low pressure geyser systems (for farm worker houses and low cost houses).
      Kindly invite us for a free on-site consultation/quotation for your house (whether you rent or own); farm houses and workers’ houses; factories, etc.  Private owners, architects, construction companies and building project managers are most welcome.
  2. Installation of heat pumps
  3. Installation of swimming pool heating
  4. New service: Installation of solar (photovoltaic) swimming pool pumps.

The good news is: We don’t have to use less energy, we just have to burn less coal.

 Quality of products and service:

Solar Juice makes use of good quality products and well trained staff.  Although we are registered to install tube and flat plate solar panels, our main focus is proudly South African products (which is very important for warranty service and a low carbon footprint). Solar Juice is an accredited solar installer with ESKOM; a member of SESSA & Green Cape; with up-to-date SAQA training regarding our Solar installation qualifications and PIRB registration.

The owner:

Leon Needham is the founder and owner of Solar Juice. He is passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives as well as the environment. Therefore it is important to him to provide the service to switch from coal based energy to solar energy as well as providing people who never had a geyser filled with hot water before, with a chance to install a solar geyser (low pressure) system.

Leon acquired a Masters’ degree in Economic Geography (at Stellenbosch University) and he is also a qualified plumber registered at PIRB.

Our service:

Most of our work comes from references of satisfied customers (by word of mouth).  It is therefore of utmost importance for us to deliver the best service possible.  We always test our system(s) before leaving the premises and you will find that we leave our work area as spotless as we found it. You are most welcome to ask us for references for work done.

Social/environmental responsibility:

One of our biggest part time projects is to coordinate recycling in our home (rural) area among many residences and farms. We don’t earn an income from this, but we know we make a positive difference. Our self chosen role is to visit all the farms and residences in our area, tell them about recycling and hand out bags with follow-up emails and calls to keep the recycling motivation high. The collection of these bags is a free service delivered by the Stellenbosch municipality. Most of the recycle bags go to *Huis Horison/Horizon House. (Horizon House is a residential and protected-employment centre in Stellenbosch specialising in the holistic care of people with a primary intellectual disability). The residents sort the recycle material and sell it to earn an income for Horizon House. They are very proud of their work and contribution. With the sorting of recycle material they also managed to create jobs for various residents from Kayamandi (with disabilities).